Some Of The Best Summer Foods From A Personal Trainer

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Some Of The Best Summer Foods From A Personal Trainer

Summers have arrived and many people are enjoying their vacations on the beach this summer. But the question is not what you are going to wear while you are on the beach or what you are going to play? We are talking about the most important aspect of summer i.e. food you are going to eat this summer. During the summer season, it is important to keep your body hydrated and cool. Thus, it is important to maintain your body and body temperature. Here, we are told by PT London  5 of the best summer foods that you must try, not only to keep yourself cool but fit and healthy!

5 fresh summer season food –

  1. Corn on bob– this food is highly fibrous and contains low calorie without salt and butter. You can take corn on the con or shave the cob in the salads. This will serve as healthy salsa; also if you want you can add butter but make sure you don’t overdo it. Another most important thing you need to remember is that choose yellow variety because it contains vitamin A.
  2. Watermelon- playing for long hours on the beach can cause dehydration in the body and make your energy level down thus, you need to rehydrate the body. Watermelon is the best source of water and can help you rehydrate your body. It contains 90 % water and also it serves as good resource of cancer-fighting lycopene.
  3. Fresh iced tea– tea contains zero calorie and loads of antioxidants, thus it can also help you lose weight. You can make black or green tea at home using the tea bag and then ice it. Tea has good nutritional benefits! So, instead of taking it hot, try iced tea.
  4. Fruit salad- in summers you can easily find the colored berries as well as stone fruit in the market. Eating fruits can also help you lose weight and purple, red and blue fruit are the good source of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition to this, berries are the excellent source of fiber. Thus, you must include berries and other fruits in your salad this summer!
  5. Gazpacho– gazpacho contains ingredients like the tomatoes, bell paper as well as cucumbers. It is light yet quite flavorful soup and also it contains 88 calories, 4-gram fat and 0 cholesterol which makes it healthier food.

These are top five foods you must try this summer! Other than this you can also eat grilled chicken kabobs, zucchini, shrimp cocktails.  All these serve as excellent mid-afternoon snacks. Also, you will get energy and remain healthy, thus, you can enjoy your summers well. If you don’t have good recipes of summer food then you can easily get it online. Also, drinking juice of watermelon, mango, etc can keep your body hydrated. When you take your family or friends on a beach do not forget to carry the given above food. You will have the best time on a beach with these five best summer foods.



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