The Gettysburg Farmers’ Market

The beautiful location, abundance of good food, and the friendly service you’ll get from our vendors makes the Farmers Market a most enjoyable place to shop.

Chemical-Free Vegetables

With a service that is centred around health and well being, you can be assured to find vegetables that are free from all kinds of problems.

Homemade Jams

The touch of perfection lies all over our homemade jam in order to help you discover taste and get accustomed to an innovative experience.

Alpaca Products

The hit set of products across all markets is right here to promote you to identify all that you need to live a life of complete satisfaction.

Landscape Plants

Surround yourself with beauty as our landscape plants are sure to paint a decent picture which is going to be mesmerizing.

Fresh Herbs

Receive numerous benefits from consuming an ideal set of fresh herbs that offer an experience that is going to leave you happy and satisfied.


With the meat so fresh, all your cooking recipes and dinner parties are going to be a huge hit that will be cherished.

Our Vendors Offer:

The mark of purity and quality-based pricing start to be the ideal aspects that our vendors offer. As we follow a hygienic mode of processing, you can be assured about not facing any type of problems. So go ahead to discover more about us. 



quality products





Ficus tree

Coming with the right blend of quality and freshness, you will be more than happy to know all that we provide.


Consuming our tomatoes that are high in quality is a proper way to live a life of sound health and well being.


The cereal grain is readily available to ease your taste buds and act as the ideal ingredients for different recipes.

Chilli Peppers

Add the right flavour into your dish by opting to choose chilli peppers that convert the entire experience into a solid one.


Complete your grocery shopping by analysing our products because they arrive after following all steps to be hygienic.

Wild Olive

Stop the hunt for olives and settle down for the best one in the market just by going forward with our service.

A Commitment To Local

We are family owned businesses, farms and nurseries with a passion to produce quality products for our customers.

Our Blog

  • Local farmers market allows you to buy the right products for 6% the price of the market. Farmers’ market will enable you to enjoy fresh food and learn more about the food you are consuming. Here are a few reasons you need to shop at your local farmers’ market.

    Taste the difference

    Farmers' market allows you to enjoy some of the freshest food, which is usually only hours from the field. This is one of the main reason that you will enjoy the fresh and ripe flavour of the vegetables in your dish. This will help you enjoy your time while you are cooking food as well. Taste the difference

    Help the environment

    Eating local saves a lot of packaging waste and allow you to enjoy the best food around the globe. Also as the food is so fresh, you will get to enjoy the food which is good for your health as well.


    If you are a big advocate of eating organic, you local farmers market is the best place to be. Farmers’ market allows you to enjoy some of the best organic growing methods where you can gain access to food which is not part of synthetic pesticides. You can buy organic supports and directly get in contact with the farmers to help gain some insights into your food.

    Support the community

    We live in an era where farmers’ find it difficult to survive, and farmers’ making a profit does not go their pockets. It is important that you keep the small farms alive to make to help ensure that you are supporting the local farmers and help with the local economy.

    Save money

    If you opt for buying your food from the farmers’ market, you are cutting down on the cost that you pay for the middleman as it can be quite pricey. Farmers’ market is the best way to ensure that you are making profits and have the right value for your money.

    Learn about the food

    With farmers’ market, you can easily enjoy exploring the food which is brought firsthand from the people who have harvested the food. This can allow you to learn more about the food before you consume it and can allow you to understand the importance of farmers’ market and how it can help the economy of the specific place.

    Boost your nutrition

    If you are looking for a healthy and organic source of energy farmers’ market is your best choice. This is the place to be when you are trying to enjoy the food allowing you to enjoy and eat more fruits and vegetables. You can consume the recommended five serving as day to help ensure the best health.  

  • Summers have arrived and many people are enjoying their vacations on the beach this summer. But the question is not what you are going to wear while you are on the beach or what you are going to play? We are talking about the most important aspect of summer i.e. food you are going to eat this summer. During the summer season, it is important to keep your body hydrated and cool. Thus, it is important to maintain your body and body temperature. Here, we are told by PT London  5 of the best summer foods that you must try, not only to keep yourself cool but fit and healthy!

    5 fresh summer season food –

    1. Corn on bob– this food is highly fibrous and contains low calorie without salt and butter. You can take corn on the con or shave the cob in the salads. This will serve as healthy salsa; also if you want you can add butter but make sure you don’t overdo it. Another most important thing you need to remember is that choose yellow variety because it contains vitamin A.
    2. Watermelon- playing for long hours on the beach can cause dehydration in the body and make your energy level down thus, you need to rehydrate the body. Watermelon is the best source of water and can help you rehydrate your body. It contains 90 % water and also it serves as good resource of cancer-fighting lycopene.
    3. Fresh iced tea– tea contains zero calorie and loads of antioxidants, thus it can also help you lose weight. You can make black or green tea at home using the tea bag and then ice it. Tea has good nutritional benefits! So, instead of taking it hot, try iced tea.
    4. Fruit salad- in summers you can easily find the colored berries as well as stone fruit in the market. Eating fruits can also help you lose weight and purple, red and blue fruit are the good source of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition to this, berries are the excellent source of fiber. Thus, you must include berries and other fruits in your salad this summer!
    5. Gazpacho– gazpacho contains ingredients like the tomatoes, bell paper as well as cucumbers. It is light yet quite flavorful soup and also it contains 88 calories, 4-gram fat and 0 cholesterol which makes it healthier food.

    These are top five foods you must try this summer! Other than this you can also eat grilled chicken kabobs, zucchini, shrimp cocktails.  All these serve as excellent mid-afternoon snacks. Also, you will get energy and remain healthy, thus, you can enjoy your summers well. If you don’t have good recipes of summer food then you can easily get it online. Also, drinking juice of watermelon, mango, etc can keep your body hydrated. When you take your family or friends on a beach do not forget to carry the given above food. You will have the best time on a beach with these five best summer foods.



  • Buying vegetables is tough when you have thousands of people saying they have the best produce. One trip to your local market will help give you an understanding of the ways you can buy vegetables. These vegetables will allow you to enjoy some of the most delicious dishes at your home. Here are a few tips which will help you learn more about eating healthy every day. eating healthy

    The best place to buy vegetables

    When you have a local farmers’ market, you have the best place for you to buy the best fresh vegetables. Try to make sure that you are enjoying the freshest vegetables which can allow you to eat a healthy and delicious meal all day every day.


    When you are buying potatoes, you need to make sure that you have a smooth surface. The skin needs to be smooth and not wrinkly. Check for sprouting and avoid any sprouted potatoes. Look for potatoes which is firm that you can enjoy every day.


    It is important that you buy the red coloured tomatoes, which is the best for cooking on the same day. Try to look for tomatoes which are a bit softer and can allow you to enjoy the same day. Tomatoes


    It is important that you buy the thick carrots and can allow you to enjoy the carrot well. The thin carrot can still be used, but they will not have the texture and taste that the thick carrots can provide.


    One of the telltale signs of a healthy ladyfinger is when the tail ends breaks easily. The means that the ladyfinger is fresh and can be consumed immediately for maximin goodness.


    It is important that you are always buying a lemon, which is nice and yellow. Green lemons are still raw and do not have any juice to squeeze. But a bright yellow lemon which has a bit of sweetness as well as is much juicier.


    For the best eggplant, make sure that they have the signature purple colour and have no holes covering them to ensure that you are buying fresh without any worms.


    Cabbage Cabbage is one which is very difficult to purchase, but you need to check to make sure that you have fresh, smooth leaves witch does not have any holes on the skin. Also, make sure to look into the stem of the cabbage, the larger the stem, the lesser the leaves.


    A cauliflower has no marks on it, which is one of the main reasons you need to check it. Make sure that the cauliflower is white and have green leaves with less dirt everywhere. If this is the case, you are buying a fresh cauliflower which has no worms.