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Beemans Baked Goods

We have had 4 weeks of market so far this year.  The 21st of May there was no market.

  This past week was the most challenging of all.  I like to start the baking early on Friday and finish up in the late afternoon.   Due to a violent wind storm we had no electric for 20 hours which took us into the late afternoon hours on Friday.  We had electric to bake one ovenful while mixing the breads,  then lost electric again.    The baking was mostly finished by 11pm.  The rest was finished right before  it was time to leave.   If there was any disappointment because of unavailable items, I apologise

We are in the middle of the rhubarb season.  That typically runs from Mothers Day to July 4.  Usually the demand for blueberry, cherry and raspberry items pushes  rhubarb out of the picture before July 4.    

Right now the seasonal items that we offer are shortcake and strawberry rhubarb pies.   Our shortcake is a sweet biscuit dough, made from scratch of course.  It is intended to be eaten with fresh berries and cold milk or whipped cream.


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