Quarry Critters Aplaca Ranch

Quarry Critters Alpacas Ranch 

We are located in Adams County Pennsylvania between Gettysburg and Hanover. We are the home to an adorable and high-quality herd of ARI registered alpacas. We breed and raise alpacas for sale to others and for their fantastic fleece! It’s extraordinarily strong and amazingly soft - a hand-spinner’s dream fiber. Visit us on the square in Gettysburg at the Farmer’s Market Saturdays 7AM to 12 Noon or visit our online farm store www.QuarryCrittersAlpacas.com to purchase alpaca products. Maybe you’re looking to start a herd of your own, or add fine quality breeding stock to your existing herd, check out our Pennsylvania alpaca sale page. www.QuarryCrittersAlpacas.com We have found a great way to enjoy our retirement that is both delightful and financially rewarding  and offers a terrific country lifestyle. If you’d like to find out more about alpacas, then call 717-359-9989 to schedule a farm tour. You can  read about how we got started. www.QuarryCrittersAlpacas.com